WHAT THAT HELL DO YOU MEAN THESE ARE “THE MOST GHETTO NAMES” you’ve ever heard? Let me slap you with some sense! 
ASHANTI- literally named after one of the greatest and wealthiest West African kingdoms! (btw the Ashanti Kingdom is very well ALIVE AND KICKING!) 
AALIYAH-  it’s fucking Hebrew! it means to ASCEND. It also has Arab roots and could also be used to mean EXALTED! 
BEYONCE- a TRIBUTE to her fucking mother’s maiden name, which was Beyincé, which goes back to Beyonce’s French background! 
CIARA-  actually hails from the Gaelic name Ciarán, Which means dark-haired beauty, WHICH IM PRETTY FUCKING SURE CIARA IS! 
ONIKA - means to be an ONYX or a fucking WARRIOR (Nicki Minaj is definitely both!)  with Polynesian and African roots! 
ZENDAYA - Zendaya is said to ultimately hail from Zimbabwe (on her fathers side) so it is fitting that she has a Zimbabwean name from the Bantu tribe which means "TO GIVE THANKS"
so get the fuck outta here with your bland as hell white mayonnaise names and LET US LIVE! 
Da fuq? I’m assuming by “ghetto” you mean “black”? SMDH.
Fyi, Ashanti is a West African name, Aaliyah is both a Hebrew and Arabic name, Beyoncé is a French Creole surname, Ciara is a name used by various races with variant spelling, and Onika is either Polynesian or African in origin. 


“I am very pleased that Community will be returning for its predestined sixth season on Yahoo,” said Harmon in a statement. “I look forward to bringing our beloved NBC sitcom to a larger audience by moving it online. I vow to dominate our new competition. Rest easy, Big Bang Theory. Look out, Bang Bus!”

Joe Adalian’s sources say it will be the show’s final season.



Boom. Heart attack.


[M]en come to me or to other feminists and say: “What you’re saying about men isn’t true. It isn’t true of me. I don’t feel that way. I’m opposed to all of this.” And I say: don’t tell me. Tell the pornographers. Tell the pimps. Tell the warmakers. Tell the rape apologists and the rape celebrationists and the pro-rape ideologues. Tell the novelists who think that rape is wonderful. Tell Larry Flynt. Tell Hugh Hefner. There’s no point in telling me. I’m only a woman. There’s nothing I can do about it. These men presume to speak for you. They are in the public arena saying that they represent you. If they don’t, then you had better let them know.

Then there is the private world of misogyny: what you know about each other; what you say in private life; the exploitation that you see in the private sphere; the relationships called love, based on exploitation. It’s not enough to find some traveling feminist on the road and go up to her and say: “Gee, I hate it.” Say it to your friends who are doing it. And there are streets out there on which you can say these things loud and dear, so as to affect the actual institutions that maintain these abuses. You don’t like pornography? I wish I could believe it’s true. I will believe it when I see you on the streets. I will believe it when I see an organized political opposition. I will believe it when pimps go out of business because there are no more male consumers. You want to organize men. You don’t have to search for issues. The issues are part of the fabric of your everyday lives.

— Andrea Dworkin, “I Want a Twenty-Four-Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape” (via niqabisinparis)




They also picked up the rights to “Goosebumps”. Huh.

I’m here for it tho. Magic School Bus was my shit

This article sums up the film “Maleficent” perfectly.